The 6 Principles & Symposium Bonuses

Welcome to your 6 Principles for True Success Class Bonuses & Your Uniting in Higher Consciousness Transformational Leader Bonuses!

With your Transformational Leader bonuses, some may require your name and email for access, and/or they may require a password which is provided. Should you have issues accessing your bonuses, please email with the name of the bonus and your issue.

Rikka’s Harmonizing Past Hurt Into Love

When your past traumas don’t heal correctly they become chronic energetic wounds that surface in our everyday lives – keeping you from alignment with the life your heart truly desires. During this 2 hour audio program, Rikka will walk you step by step through healing those wounds from your past, so that you can stop re-experiencing them in your present.

Rikka’s How to Transform Anger Into Love

What do you do when anger comes up? Do you suppress it and therefore create disease or illness in your body? Do you judge yourself and feel guilty when you react with anger in traffic, at your kids, family, or partner? Are you ready to end that cycle and learn how to you use anger FOR you instead of against you? In this audio Rikka will walk you through the process to harness the power of anger for love.

Rikka’s Turning Fear Into Rocket Fuel for Your Success

How do you not let fear, anxiety, or worry stop you? During this audio program Rikka will walk you through the energetic process of how to turn fear into rocket fuel for your success so that fear will never stop you again! Instead you will know how to use fear to catapult you into your greatest level of receiving. This process will release the energy and bring you back into alignment with love. Then as life happens – for example, you’re about to speak in public, you’re scared to expand your business, succeed, fail – any time fear is about to stop you, play my 5 Minute Turning Fear into Rocket Fuel for Your Success to bring yourself back into alignment.

Rikka’s Morning & Evening Neuropathway Activations*

One of the quickest ways to create new habits that ensure lasting and permanent energetic transformation is to build new neural pathways in the brain. These 12 neuropathway activations will set the vibration and reality of the 6 Principles into your energetic field.

* You’ll find these activations on each weekly lesson page during the Six Principles Class*

Rikka’s Six Principles Success Workbook

This workbook will give you hands-on application exercises designed to align your conscious mind with the truth of your new Source aligned reality. As you respond to each question you will feel ownership and integration of each of these principles into your life.

*You’ll find a new Success Worksheet each week on the weekly lesson page during the Six Principle Class*

Rikka’s Six Principles Real Life Application Audios

In these short audios, Rikka will walk you through the Six Principle process on the day to day struggles that you’re having. Each short audio brings you into total alignment right when you need it.

2 Tickets to Rewriting Your 6 Essential Energetic Programs 3-Day Live Event in Sedona, AZ. August 20-22, 2021

Source energy is flowing infinitely, endlessly and abundantly through everything and everyone. During these 3 days together I will assist you to rewrite your core patterns to release the illusion of separation and embody your Divine self.

(Live stream option available)
Details and access coming soon!

Rikka’s Life Transformed Coaching Program – 2K off the retail price

You will have the opportunity to work with Rikka for a year during her 2021 Life Transformed Coaching program. There is an application and interview process, where you will work with a certified Life Transformed Coach to learn about the various programs that best suit you. Upon acceptance, you save $2K off retail price on your select program!

(Must qualify and be accepted. Offer expires August 29, 2021.)

Derek Rydall’s The Prosperity Playground: Activate a Higher State of Wealth Instantly

Everything you need to bring yourself into alignment with your soul’s signature vibration, tuning you into the guidance, direction, wisdom, and power you need to create the life and lifestyle you deeply desire and deserve.

Dr Sue Morter’s Fear into Fire Program

Beneath every Fear is the Passionate Fire that must return to our daily lives. Prosperity and Passion are one and the same. Change your fears forever with an entire paradigm shift and learn to: Make decisions from that Passionate space within. Master the invisible for powerful results. Free yourself from the mind chatter of self-questioning. Create a Reality Shift by turning fear inside out.

Jennifer McLean‘s A New Day – #MeToo Healing Intensive

  • Discover Your Feminine Power: Experience a 2-step activation process to transform into a state of calm, confidence, peace and power
  • Find and Establish Your Natural Boundaries: You’ll receive a surprising yet specific and proven healing session to create and live within your organic boundaries … without even trying
  • Overcome Past Traumas and Upset: You’ll experience the quickest way to rewire and reprogram the neural pathways in your brain to change any past occurrence
  • Experience Physical Healing: You’ll have a special healing session, using the renowned and popular healing accelerant The Spontaneous Transformation Technique, to address physical disease, injury or upset that may be the unknowing result of past trauma
  • ​Activate The Feminine Conflict Releaser: Expect a personal activation which creates new solutions and resources to apply to your relationships (even the ones that seemed hopeless)
  • ​Unlock Your Deep Feminine Intuition for Prosperity and Good – Access your birthright as a woman and use it with consciousness to create and manifest what you want

Lisa Garr’s Aware Mindset Group Coaching & Consulting
AUGUST 5th at NOON Pacific.

Lisa Garr, host of The Aware Show, will share her 20+ years of broadcast media experience interviewing health & mindset experts. You will experience transformational exercises & daily practices that will build confidence and create connection. You will discover how your personal blueprint has impacted your life and how it can help you become a leader in your community & business, and impact the lives of others. You will also get Lisa’s digital Story Workbook.

Add August 5th to your calendar now.

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Natalie Ledwell’s 3 Pre Made Mind Movies + Subliminal Audio 

Enjoy three professionally produced Mind Movies on the topics of Overcoming Procrastination, Motivation, and Increased Energy. Plus, a Subliminal Audio on Overcoming Procrastination.

Sage Lavine’s Use your Story as your Best Marketing Tool: Your Life as a PhD program as the best tool for your BUSINESS

Get clear on your message. Get visible. The foundation of your 6 and 7-figure business.

In order to make money with your message, you must identify the group of people who most want what you have to offer. This is the step most beginning entrepreneurs try to find a shortcut around. In order for people to see the value in investing in your services, you’ll need to provide a solution to a problem they most need solved.

Make Money With Your Message will provide tools to help you get CRYSTAL CLEAR on who you work with and how you help them so they see the value in hiring you.

  • How to clarify your message so endless clients will pay you!
  • A proven, heart-based method for identifying the group of people who most want what you have to offer (this way, you align with an authentic and lucrative niche)
  • The 10 step system for creating marketing materials for your ideal clients to fill your practice, sell out your programs and events & rock your business
  • Learn 17+ places to find your ideal clients and how to confidently answer the question, “What do you do?” from a place of alignment that has people excited to invest in your services.
  • How to answer the question, “What do you do?” from a place of inner alignment that has people excited to hire you
  • The formula for choosing and committing to an evolutionary niche as demonstrated by… Claire Zammit, author SARK, Marci Shimoff, Rikka Zimmerman, Sage Lavine… and MORE.

Marci Shimoff’s Miracle Intention Cards & Anchoring Guided Meditation Bundle

To help you instantly shift into a high vibrational state geared towards manifesting the miracles you most desire, we created a bundle which includes a deck of powerful intention statements designed specifically to inspire, anchor, and support you along with a guided meditation for anchoring yourself during times of change.

Akashic Light Infusions with Jennifer Longmore

Ascend to 5D and beyond, connect to the Council of Light and gain a greater clarity of consciousness.

2 Months of the RADIANCE Sisterhood Membership with Sofiah Thom 

The RADIANCE Sisterhood is a place for women to gather and CELEBRATE their feminine power, learn true self-leadership, and grow into the most radiant versions of ourselves.

Use Coupon code: RADIANCE60