Aligning with Infinite Love: Ending Unworthiness

Each lesson becomes available the day after our livestream call together. 

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    So happy to be here!

  • Andrea Closier

    me too Gina

  • Kathleen Busby

    I’m enjoying the teaching and activation. Filled with Love for Source, how Awesome!

  • Lely Hibbert

    Wow, it is so amazing. I took this class in 2019 . I am glad i took this class again, now i finally got it what are you talking about. My energy shift to higher dimentioned/i can’t stop laughing.

    Thank you Rikka
    Love you so much


  • Kate McCarthy

    Wow, so beautiful and powerful! So many aspects of life have shifted for the better…expansion expansion,expansion!

    • Lena Boberg

      Why can’t I watch the video? It says we’re not currently streaming

  • Larry Engle

    Wondering where my resistance is coming from ……subconsciously resisting visualization of breath and connecting to Mother Earth.

  • Helen C Betzenhauser

    Here I am a late arriver. I am reviewing the prior lessons. Coming in on lesson 3 I know i have missed some foundational information. So thankful we can download the files and listen whenever we have the chance.. Now I have reviewed lesson one, I am happy and looking forward to lesson 2 tomorrow. I plan on taking 2 days to let it sink in, then i will review lesson 3 and be set for lesson 4 with everyone.
    Fantastic journey within and without.
    Thank you Rikka!

    • Rikka Zimmerman

      YAY Helen 🙂


      Alison 🙂

  • Julia Illing

    l am able to access the Rikka recordings and workbook, but where can i find links to Sue Morter and other several mini courses included in the symposium? I struggle due to brain injury and have asked a few times with the help of carers etc. but am no nearer. Thanks, Julia

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